Air Freshening Aerosol vs Natural Toilet Spray

Air Freshening Aerosol vs Natural Toilet Spray

For so long people have reached for the old air freshening aerosol to get rid of the nasty smells left behind in a bathroom or toilet but does it really get the job done and what are you really breathing in?

Could there be a better option that not only works better but is better for you and your families health?

To answer these questions we wanted to break down the differences of an aerosol air freshener and an all-natural toilet spray and give you something to think about when making making your next bathroom or toilet air freshener purchase.

So here we go

Aerosol Air Freshener

air freshener vs natural toilet spray



  1. can fill large rooms with a powerful delivery
  2. variety of fragrances from lots of manufactures and big brands
  3. strong formulas that promote antibacterial properties


  1. flammable gasses
  2. toxic formulas that are not safe to breathe or have on surfaces - such as formaldehyde and xylene
  3. does not travel safely
  4. full of synthetic fragrances
  5. while improvements have been made, still not safe for the environment - hydrocarbon and compressed gasses


Toilet Spray (all-natural, all-Australian)

natural toilet spray



  1. natural formula is strong and effective even in larger open plan bathrooms
  2. safe to breathe once sprayed
  3. sprays into the water of the toilet bowl rather than the air
  4. safe for the environment
  5. assists in keeping your toilet cleaner
  6. does not contain any synthetics or toxic chemicals
  7. subtle scent rather than a chemical cloud of air freshener


  1. cannot fill a room quickly like an aerosol (but maybe that's a good thing)
  2. treats the smell directly rather that the air/space
  3. not as readily available as big aerosol manufacturers in large supermarket chains


Things to consider

So there is a quick shoot out between air fresheners and all-natural toilet sprays but if we had to sum it all up it would be that the safety of you, your family and the environment would be the biggest factors between the two. 

If you are looking for a new air freshener consider an all-natural version like Veil Natural Toilet Spray that not only keeps your toilet and bathroom smelling great but treats the smell in the toilet.  It's strong essential oil formula creates a barrier on the water and suppresses nasty smells without toxic chemicals or gasses.