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Veil's Natural Toilet Spray and Deodoriser is only as good as the reviewers that have used it.  We are super grateful for their support and honest appraisal of Veil and we hope this helps you in making a decision to buy Australian made and owned products.

So here is all of our up to date and current reviews for Veil Natural Toilet Spray.

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Best Toilet Fragrance Spray

There is something magical about this product. The scent is so soft and non-intrusive but so effective. I have tried other products that have very strong, in-your-face perfumes that I find can intensify what you are trying to disguise if you know what I mean. Veil does not do this. It works very effectively at doing the job it was designed for without being obvious.

Thank you Marjorie for taking the time to leave a review. We are so glad you are liking it and see the benefits of Veil natural toilet spray and deodoriser. We look forward to hearing from you again :)

Great product

Great addition to making toilets & bathrooms smell clean and fresh! Arrived so promptly and well packaged - thanks!

Thank you Amanda for your support and for taking time out to leave a review. we're so glad you like Veil.

Thankyou we all like it

Thank you Diane,
We're are so glad you like it and we very much appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Thank you for your support.


My purchase arrived promptly and well packaged. Fragrance is fresh and clean, rather than sweet and cloying. A very good product. Works a treat.

Thank you Claudia for taking the time to leave a review. So glad you like Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Freshener and thank you very much for your support and buying Australian made products.

wonderful product

discreet lovely fragrance and it really works..

Thank you Louise for taking the time to leave a review. We very much appreciate your support and are glad you enjoy Veil Natural Toilet Spray.

Works well.

This product does actually work. It significantly cuts down the odour level. Definitely worth a try!

Thank you Narelle for taking the time to leave a review. We very much appreciate your support and are glad you enjoy Veil Natural Toilet Spray.

great service great product

order arrived promptly without fuss
The natural toilet deodoriser works perfectly and instantly. thank you VEIL. Will keep using it. Please keep making it.

Works perfectly

A simple but perfect product. Works great for our family and visitors. Highly recommend

I was given a bottle

I was given a bottle as a gift ,loved it and ordered another 4 bottles.... thank you

a really good product

Its nice to see a product made for Australians.

Love the product

Have purchased this product a few times, will not go back to aerosol ever again :-)

Fantastic product

Just love using Veil Spray. So easy to use and spray goes in the bowl, not in the air. Would recommend to anyone wanting something other than an airborne spray.

Even a slow delivery will not stop me using this product.

So great not to have that horrible spray used in my bathroom. Instead we use Veil which gives a subtle fragrance to the room. So much better.

Veil Spray

A lot nicer than VIPoo

Impressive product

Really impressed with this product which I have found to be all that was advertised. Love the subtle fragrance.

Poo in loo review

Great to smother poo odours, will be perfect for traveling when in unvented, fanless loos, definitely recommend

Great product,

Brilliant .... saved me from being embarrassed when using the loo. Love it. Carry it with me everywhere.

Excellent Value

I love the natural fragrance. It doesn't have a lingering overbearing odour like other products I've used. Very subtle yet effective.

Fresh air

I thought the scent could have been a lot stronger. Thanks
Charles L

Divine intervention

Love this spray! Smells divine. Always carry a bottle in my bag for those emergencies.

Fantastic product

This really works ! It totally suppresses any smells . I can't recommend it enough .

Fantastic customer service

great product - really enjoy it!

Veil Spray In The Bowl Before You Go Natural Toilet deodoriser
Barry S.
Natural and great

A really great experience - beautiful and effective

Good Product

Does just what it claims, and is easy to use.

Totally better than VIP Poo

It works , it smell beautiful all the time, its made in australia and its kind to the environment - what not to absolutely like.