What is the best bathroom deodoriser?

When asking the question, what is the best bathroom deodoriser, a few other questions may be important to consider before voting.  In this page we will look at the what makes the best bathroom deodorizer and what best suits your needs.

Top Bathroom Deodoriser Points

  • Is it safe?
  • is it natural or chemical based?
  • Does it actually work as advertised?
  • Does it smell good? 

Of course there won't be one bathroom deodoriser that will suit everyone because we all have different bathrooms, while some are looking for a new scent, others want to go natural and avoid aerosols, others might want to pump the room full of heavy duty sprays.  Each to their own, but is there an option that stands out for you?

Let's take a look

Best bathroom deodoriser

Questions to ask when looking for the best bathroom deodorizer

  • Do I want a natural bathroom deodorizer without the use of toxic aerosols?
  • Do I need a spray that will wipe out everything or do I want a bathroom deodorizer that is a little more subtle?
  • When choosing a scent, do I want a bathroom deodorizer that uses pure essential oils or synthetics?
  • Is the bathroom deodoriser safe for your family and the environment?
  • Can a toilet spray deodorise my entire bathroom as well? 


what is the best bathroom deodoriser


We cannot provide answers to all of these questions because they are an individual choice but perhaps these questions can assist in helping you to make better decisions when asking - what is the best bathroom deodoriser. 

At Veil Fragrances, our natural toilet spay and bathroom deodorizer is the one safe and effective spray to freshen your bathroom and neutralizes odors with a subtle yet vibrant coconut and lime scent.  Our products are all Australian made, not tested on animals and include only natural ingredients that perform excellently as both a natural toilet spray and bathroom deodorizer with one simple application.

So when looking for the best bathroom deodorizer, perhaps consider an all-in-one natural toilet spray and bathroom deodoriser, instead of gasing an entire room with questionable ingredients.    

Bathroom Deodoriser FAQ 

Q. Is the bathroom deodoriser tested on animals?

A. Absolutely not.  At Veil Fragrances, our products are all-natural and we would never test any product on animals. 

Q. Is the Veil bathroom deodoriser safe?

A. Yes.  Veil is made from all-natural ingredients but still works effectively and safely to keep your bathroom and toilet smelling fresh without toxic chemicals.

Q. Do I spray it in the air like an air freshener?

A.  No. The Veil Toilet Spray and Bathroom Deodoriser is designed to be a 2-in-1 spray that firstly freshens your toilet and adds enough natural fragrances into the air keeping your bathroom smelling fresher after use.  Simply spritz into the bowl before you go. 

Q. Why should I buy Veil over other products that do a similar job?

A. We believe Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Bathroom Deodoriser is the best value for money toilet spray on the market with a 100ml offering.  That's about 160 uses in each bottle.  Plus we offer capped shipping rates and everyday discounts when you buying multiples. It works and it's great value for money.