Why use a toilet spray for poo?

There are many reasons as to why you should use a toilet spray anytime that nature calls and it all depends on where your loo is located. 

For example, here are some great examples of where a natural toilet spray like Veil would work perfectly:

  • Shared bathroom toilets at the office
  • Home bathrooms or guest bathrooms
  • Built-in caravan toilets and bathrooms
  • Retail or showroom toilet & bathrooms
  • Cafes or restaurants with internal toilets
  • Gym Bathrooms & Toilets
  • Social situations like dating

Veil Natural Toilet Spray Freshener

But why else would you use a toilet spray and toilet freshener?  The obvious advantage is masking the unwanted smells and steamy odours that waft out of a bathroom but there are health advantages when using Veil's Coconut & Lime Toilet Freshener, such as

  • no dangerous aerosols
  • no toxic chemicals that only seem to make the smell worse
  • natural ingredients
  • essential oil recipe with a subtle scent
  • safe for the whole family to use
  • helps to keep the bowl clean as the natural oils reduce sticking

Veil toilet freshener spray


For those of us that are Australian the benefit of supporting local business is one that we all benefit from.  You could certainly buy an overseas toilet freshener like poo pourri or vipoo from a supermarket but why not buy local and support growing business in Australia.  Veil natural toilet spray and freshener is 100% Australian owned and made and based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland.  


Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Bathroom Freshener 

So if you want a fresh smelling bathroom and don't want toxic aerosols and chemicals try Veil Natural Toilet Spray & Freshener and keep your bathroom smelling fresh and vibrant. 


What's the best toilet spray you might wondering?  Well of course we are a little bias but we've put together what we think makes the best toilet spray and why.  See more at - what is the best toilet spray.