Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Toilet Deodoriser

Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Bathroom Deodoriser

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Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Bathroom Deodoriser

The Best Toilet Freshener - without toxic chemicals

Coconut and Lime - 100ml/3.4fl oz

You know that moment when you need to get rid of a smell, that is less than pleasant, but you don’t want to breathe in any toxic aerosol fumes or chemicals? What should you do? The best way to manage any nasty bathroom smells is to use a natural toilet spray that will block the odour before it happens while deodorising and freshening your bathroom.

Imagine you are having guests over and everyone will be using the same bathroom. Instead of bombing the toilet with toxic sprays that everyone has to breathe in, how about using a subtle fragrance that does all the hard work before you flush?

Veil natural toilet spray and freshener works by trapping smells in the water with a perfectly balanced blend of essential oils and natural substances.  Spray before you go and keep your toilet and bathroom smelling fresh.

Veil natural toilet spray and bathroom deodoriser was developed to ensure that our bathrooms would always smell great but without harsh chemicals.  We wanted a natural product that is safe for everyone, and the environment, and we are proud that we can now share it with you.

Benefits of using a natural toilet spray

  1. Have a great smelling toilet and bathroom every day with a fresh and vibrant all-natural coconut and lime fragrance
  2. Significantly reduce terrible smells without the embarrassing moments
  3. A community-friendly all-natural solution for shared bathrooms 
  4. Highly effective without having to use harmful aerosols or toxic chemicals
  5. Safe to breathe, safe for the environment
  6. Essential oil blend offers natural fragrances and helps to keep the bowl clean
  7. Very efficient and cost-effective with 160 uses in every bottle
  8. Not only freshens up your toilet it's also the best bathroom deodoriser without having to use an aerosol air freshener 

Where to Use Natural Toilet Spray

  • open plan bathrooms
  • small toilets and bathrooms in apartments
  • caravans and motor homes
  • home toilets and bathrooms
  • office workplace bathrooms
  • cafes and restaurants
  • shared bathrooms 

100% Australian developed and made using essential oils and totally natural substances.

Spray into the bowl before you go to the toilet and all you will be left with is a fresh subtle scent of 100% Australian essential oils.  Veil natural toilet spray creates an all-natural scent barrier on the water of the toilet releasing a subtle scent after each use.

Great for work, home and social situations and perfect for each bathroom in the house. Veil doesn't mask unwanted odours, it blocks them from entering the air.

Does not contain any:

  • synthetic or chemical nasties
  • Phthalate
  • Paraben
  • Aerosol
  • Formaldehyde
  • SLS free
  • Cruelty-free (Not tested on animals)
  • Does not contain any animal products

Veil leaves an all-natural very subtle scent in the air after use. Veil is all-natural and only uses the highest grade of Australian essential oils in its formulations. The barrier Veil creates on the water is very strong but the scent it leaves is very subtle. 

Veil is similar to poo pourri and vipoo in that it leaves a thin oil barrier on the toilet water before you go to the toilet while also acting as the best bathroom deodoriser at the same time. Our product has been designed and manufactured here in Australia smells great and has no chemicals and so is safe for the environment.

Make your bowel movements less embarrassing and keep your stinky stuff to yourself by equipping yourself with Veil toilet spray. Veil is a pre-poo toilet spray that smells good and works naturally and effectively.

Veil toilet smell blocker spray works and is also the best bathroom freshener doing the job of an aerosol or bathroom deodoriser all in one application.  It's a toilet fragrance that is subtle but very effective.  

Natural Toilet Spray FAQ

Q: Why use a natural toilet spray like Veil?

A: Veils Natural Toilet Spray is an essential oil blended with all-natural substances to deodorise your toilet and surrounding bathroom with a fresh all-natural fragrance without nasty aerosols or toxic chemicals. If you want a better smelling bathroom and toilet use Veil Natural Toilet Spray.

Q: What are the benefits of using Veil Natural Toilet Spray?

A: The benefits of using Veil natural toilet spray are a fresh-smelling bathroom and toilet, chemical-free fragrance, safe for the whole family, subtle fragrances without overpowering everything and helps to keep your toilet bowl clean.

Q: What does shipping cost?

A: We charge a discounted flat rate of only $5 per order.  Most orders cost $8-$12 to ship plus packaging so we think $5 is great value. Plus, we offer FREE shipping for all orders over $40.

Q: Where is Veil made?

A: Veil Natural Toilet Spray is all Australian made and owned, based in Noosa Queensland.  Even more reason to buy Veil as it keeps jobs and supports business in Australia.

Q: Do you have a money-back guarantee?

A: Absolutely. If you are unhappy with Veil Natural Toilet Spray then please email us within 30 days and we will refund you the cost of the order.

Q: Is Veil Natural Toilet Spray an air freshener and bathroom freshener?

A: Yes, but not like an aerosol that pumps a room full of fragrances (and other things that may not be desirable).  Once you spritz the toilet it goes to work by creating an essential oil barrier to the water and working as a bathroom deodoriser at the same time.  So not only does it work as a toilet fragrance, but it also creates a subtle scent and natural air freshener for your bathroom. 

Q. What makes Veil the best bathroom deodoriser and best toilet freshener?

A: Veil simply gets the job without inhaling any harsh aerosols.  Not only will it provide a natural toilet fragrance but it is the best bathroom deodoriser because you don't need two different products to do the same job.  Simply vary the amount that you use as needed and let Veil do the rest.  Read our how to use Veil for more information 

Q. What scent does Veil offer as a toilet fragrance?

A. Veil offers a subtle blend of all-natural coconut and lime toilet fragrances.  It is not overpowering yet still effective.  Some toilet fragrance options are incredibly overpowering and can cause reactions however, we made sure that Veil Natural Toilet Fragrance gets the job done without the nasties. 

Customer Reviews

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Best Toilet Fragrance Spray

There is something magical about this product. The scent is so soft and non-intrusive but so effective. I have tried other products that have very strong, in-your-face perfumes that I find can intensify what you are trying to disguise if you know what I mean. Veil does not do this. It works very effectively at doing the job it was designed for without being obvious.

Thank you Marjorie for taking the time to leave a review. We are so glad you are liking it and see the benefits of Veil natural toilet spray and deodoriser. We look forward to hearing from you again :)

Great product

Great addition to making toilets & bathrooms smell clean and fresh! Arrived so promptly and well packaged - thanks!

Thank you Amanda for your support and for taking time out to leave a review. we're so glad you like Veil.

Diane Love

Thankyou we all like it

Thank you Diane,
We're are so glad you like it and we very much appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Thank you for your support.

Claudia Warren

My purchase arrived promptly and well packaged. Fragrance is fresh and clean, rather than sweet and cloying. A very good product. Works a treat.

Thank you Claudia for taking the time to leave a review. So glad you like Veil Natural Toilet Spray and Freshener and thank you very much for your support and buying Australian made products.

wonderful product

discreet lovely fragrance and it really works..

Thank you Louise for taking the time to leave a review. We very much appreciate your support and are glad you enjoy Veil Natural Toilet Spray.